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What is the Digital Story Telling Project?

Your goal for this unit is to understand the differences between the basic needs that all living things need to survive. You will also understand that living things are found all over the Earth, but each is only able to live in habitats that meet their basic needs.

During this unit, you will work on researching about one of the habitats. Either the ocean, the desert, the rain forest, the arctic, or the freshwater habitat. It is the goal of the project for you to learn how to research using books and computers as well as take notes on the information you have gathered. For the presentation of the project, you will be required to take the information you have learned on your habitat and make a digital story presentation to present to the class.

Digital Story Telling Project: Requirements

Each digital story telling project MUST include the following:

  • Habitat Name
  • Description of the Habitat
  • Animals that Live in the Habitat
  • Plants that Live in the Habitat
  • Animal/Plant Adaptations for their Habitat
  • Pictures and/or Drawings Related to the Information

Digital Story Telling Project Example: Ocean Habitat

For your digital story telling assignment, please visit each of these pages and check out the resources, then choose the one(s) that will enhance your digital story!

Resources: Digital Story Telling Website


Resources: Brain Pop Jr. Habitat Videos

Please use the following Brain Pop Jr. Videos to help in your research of your animal habitat.

Ocean Habitats

Arctic Habitats

Desert Habitats

Freshwater Habitats

Forest Habitats

Rainforest Habitats

Resources: Interactive Research Websites

Please use the following websites as a research tool to find information you need about your habitat.

Animal Habitats

Wild Kratts - Habitats

Build an Online Habitat

The Habitat Match Up

Critter Cam

National Geographic Kids

Digital Storytelling Project: Rubric

Habitat Digital Storytelling Project: Lesson Plan

Habitat Research Graphic Organizer